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123plaza.com is the first true business-to-business-to-consumer system. Our unique e-commerce system can host suppliers and retailers, and allow them to establish partnerships or strategic alliances while providing real storefronts for them. Whether you are a supplier, a manufacturer or a retailer, we will provide you with the right electronic commerce tools, tailored for your line of business:

123Plaza Mall Complete Organization

  • A Mall with separate Front Door Access
  • Our main shopping areas subdivided into three separate Malls:

  • Distributor's Showcase Mall
  • Retailers Mall
  • Associates Mall (as a subset of the Retailers Mall)

  • Unlike other mall systems, we do provide a direct Front Door entrance to Vendor's Store Front that allows for merchants to independently advertise their stores.
  • A Distributor's Showcase Mall
    • Internet Store Fronts for Distributors, Wholesalers or Manufacturers, where select customers (Password Restricted) can directly place orders for products, and casual visitors can review a "non-priced" products catalog.
    • For Resellers that wish to set shop in the Internet; a direct pipeline to a Distributor's products inventory, and promotional material.
    • A presence on the Internet featuring many Distributors, not just another isolated and unnoticed "great web site" where things rarely happen.
  • A Retailer's Shopping Mall
    • A Shopping Mall for Retailers, that features the best Marketing Tools, pricing and easy of use, anywhere in the Internet.
    • No need to waste enormous amounts of time and effort, to maintain products listings and related information, when this is accomplished automatically, when linked to a Distributor's products databases. Taking full advantage their "powerhouse" of graphic material, and product literature.
    • No Installation of complex Shopping art programs. Web site navigation menus, and Product Displays, are Instantly generated by our system.
    • A concerted promotional effort, made possible by the marketing and collaboration tools available at a Retailer's disposal, i.e. Associates Programs. A Dynamic Business Presence, not just another marginal web site hidden somewhere in long collection of Links.
  • Advantages for Consumers
    • Shop with confidence under SSL Secure Environment.
    • Products offered Directly from real retailers presence on a Mall.
    • Discounts Updated instantly from distributors to Retailers.
  • One Location, Instantaneous Resources, Easy of use.
    • By providing the same physical Location (web server) of different, but related businesses, we achieved almost instant availability of information. A Retailer for example, is able to obtain the latest pricing and product information from a Distributor, as soon as it is available. Furthermore, this product information does not need to be laboriously processed, and manipulated before being put to use, since it is already formatted for web content by the Distributor. From the stand point of both the Retailer and Distributor, this translates into substantial savings of time and money. Subsequently, the consumer will have faster access for latest products availability and pricing.
    • The participation of private individuals on Associates or Referrals programs, has been the major reason for the Incredible Success of some well known Internet Businesses. This participation has been limited to some extent to a few companies, and the implementation requires substantial efforts from the participating individual in order to create and maintain a selection of the products to offered. By offering unrestricted availability of choices, regarding participation in Associates programs to private individuals, and additionally providing him/her with an instant Internet Store Front interface, greatly increases the visibility of said web site.

    Administration Module Database Engine The Mall... the Big Picture Shopping Cart Interface

    • Our Database Engine
      • Process Simultaneous Query Requests from main Associated Modules.
      • Maintain overall Access Control to Files and Directories, in conjunction with Administration and Shopping Cart Interface Modules
      • Enforce Separation of Areas of Market Responsibility, Functions, Users and Databases.
      • Make possible the transparent access and display of products databases under Internet Store Fronts of different vendors, according to sharing program in effect, i.e. Retailers to Distributors, Associates to Retailers, etc.

    • Our Store front and Database Administration Module.
      • Process New User's Registration
      • Allow HTTP Password Restricted Access to User's Designated Directories only.
      • Enable Database Management Functions: View, Edit, Delete Records Upload databases and Graphics, Download Databases for off line editing.
      • Enable Store front Management functions: Taxation, Discounts, Company information
        Pages Customization, Database linking, Associates programs, Products Mark up pricing, etc.

    • Our Shopping Cart Interface.
      • Generate Product Pages from Databases
      • Process Shopper's Requests for Adding, Modifying, Deleting Items to Shopping Cart.
      • Generate appropriate order Forms.
      • Process purchases (under SSL)from multiple vendors, on a single transaction.
      • Log the appropriate transaction records for each party involved, and generate all necessary e-mail notifications.
      • Automatically Calculate Taxation, Discounts, Mark ups and other processes.
      • Keep track of all active Customer's Shopping Carts.
      • E-mail Orders to Store Owners and Confirmation to Customers.
      • Optionally, E-mail orders PGP encrypted to store owners.

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